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Quality and certifications biological products

the result of artisan production founded on listening and experience
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Cereal Terra's supreme goal is to always obtain the best quality.
To do this we start with extraordinary, ultra-fresh raw materials that we process during the day while putting precedence on the manual and artisanal phases of production and jarring.

Our products' high quality is guaranteed by the most important certifications in the agri-food field.

It is thanks only to our rigorous respect of quality and safety standards that we can meet the requests of the most demanding consumers who want to enjoy the pleasure of a healthy, natural diet.

The care and passion for certified-quality raw materials harvested at the right degree of ripeness allows us to offer products every day that are not only good, but also healthy and wholesome.

Those who choose Cereal Terra can trust in it, as the health and safety of our customers is our mission.

Prodotti biologici originali

Original organic products

The logo and labelling rules are an important part of organic food legislation. This logo is used at the European level to indicate products from the Organic World according to EC Reg. 834/2007. Its main objective is to make organic products more easily recognisable by consumers
International Food Standard

International Food Standard

The IFS (International Food Standard) aims to encourage the efficient selection of food suppliers based on their ability to provide safe products which comply with contractual specifications and legal requirements. The model is recognised both in Europe and in the rest of the world.
Organic Regulations

Organic Regulations

All the ingredients of agricultural origin that become part of the certified product must in turn have been certified according to the NOP regulation of USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) recognised organisations. This also applies to ingredients which have already been certified according to schemes deemed equivalent by the NOP (e.g. COR EU, JAS and South Korea).
Piemonte eccellenza artigiana

Piedmont artisan excellence

the Piedmont Region assigns an important role to Artistic and Typical Quality Handicrafts. With this in mind, the Region attributes the recognition of "Artisan Excellence" to companies satisfying the requirements, with the goal of safeguarding and relaunching artisanal processes of ancient prestige and offering professional opportunities that, while respecting tradition, can capture and express the ability to reinterpret the past through the cultural and aesthetic trends of the present.

A proper, healthy diet is the first step towards improving life.

A proper, healthy diet is the first step towards improving life.